St. Margaret Hall volunteers


St. Margaret Hall volunteers are instrumental in helping us fulfill our mission to provide quality care for seniors.

Who Can Volunteer?

Any caring individual 13 years of age or older who is dedicated to serving our Residents. You can be a student or working adult with a few hours to share. You might be recently retired and looking for someplace to share a talent. You might even be searching for an opportunity to give back to others for any reason at all. Whatever your reason or desire for volunteering, we will work with you to find the best match with your particular talents and interests.

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Volunteers serve in many ways, such as:

  • Assisting Residents on the Nook and computers
  • Visiting with Residents who don’t have a strong family support system
  • Clerking at the gift shop
  • Leading a group i.e. sewing, cards
  • Giving presentations on a hobby or interest
  • Assisting with crafts
  • Writing stories with the Residents
  • Entertaining resident with musical performances
  • Giving manicures
  • Assisting with Resident Happy Hour
  • Eucharistic Ministers

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Senior Living Facility

If you would like more information about St Margaret Hall, please contact Sr. Eulaliae @ (513) 751-5880 or via email

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